Trusting someone with your heart is the worst thing in the world. Life is suppose to be so much easier when you have a good heart. Maybe I am poor, I am not that pretty,I am not much educated. But I know for a fact I have a good heart. And no matter how much or how many times it got broken I tell myself my better days will come. One day I will find my true happiness. 

No matter how much I try, how many ways I try it’s just never enough. I can’t please anyone, always every single of my loved ones finds fault in me. It’s sad that I see people with the darkest soul. But they have almost everything in life. They are indeed the happiest. I am not saying that I am a saint or something. But in my heart I know that I tried my best to stay good in every single aspect of my life. Yet I am always in pain and lots of tears. 

I thought one person’s life can’t be that bad, my good times will come soon. I am at my 30s and still waiting. I deserve better days, I deserve my true love. 

I m just too tired of waiting, someone who will truly understand me. I was so happy thinking I finally found my miracle. But forgot that my happiness never stays, it always left me with a broken soul. I m surprised I m still hopeful after all the miseries in my life. But now a days I don’t have it in me anymore to fight for my happiness. I am loosing hope, completely loosing faith in true love, feeling too old to live this life.

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