Some say U are far away,Some say U are never here,

Some say U are the infinite sky,

Some say U are loose like the sand,

Some say in one life I can never understand …

I say how are U living your life without me..

Some say U are the dream which will never come true,

Some say U are someone who doesn’t deserve the heart of mine,

Some say U are the one who will loose end of the day,

I say how are U living your life without me….

Some say U are just a hilucination in my head,

Some say I am the stupid girl who is gonna go astray,

Some say U don’t see the real me or my true love,

Some say I m loosing it just because u don’t care,

I say how are U living your life without me…. 


Unknown Reason

For some unknown reason I am mad at someone,

I am alive but still angry at life.

Maybe I have complains against my closed ones,

Maybe I have friendship with my true enemies,

I am angry with this friendship and those complains.

Don’t know when or where I see whom,

They always thinking I am just angry at them.

I am alive and just mad at life.

I am not awake nor am I asleep,

I am just too lost in my own heart’s darkness!

Maybe I am just mad at every single one of them..

Miracle on my darkest days

Not that long ago a miracle came into my life.I so appreciate to even got the chance to meet my miracle. Thanks all to Allah. Thanks to all of my closest friends and well wishers for believing  on me. They all keep saying don’t you loose hope,open your heart, have faith. If anyone deserve true happiness then you definitely deserve it. Soon You will find your own miracle.

Now after only couple of weeks I am finally happy. Starting to trust on my miracle, trying very hard not to run away from my miracle. I get up everyday and tell myself that, this isn’t true, this is just a dream. But, then I realize that nope its very real and its here to blew my mind away. And its happening right now. Every single second trying so hard to hold on, don’t want to loose it in any cost.

I am afraid that soon I will loose that miracle and I will end up in my loneliest and darkest road allover again. I wish I can say everything that I am feeling. I wish I can see or touch my miracle, but then again you cant touch the sky. You only can love it from far far away. You can never even say to the sky what it mean to you, how many times you can give up your own life just for it.

I had been praying for my miracle all through my life. And finally when I got it, I am so scared that I will loose it. In my life nothing good stays besides me for that long. I do know that if in this world someone deserves a miracle, Its me who deserves it. Feeling restless all the time, going crazy just with the thought that its not real. Always just want to reach that sky, want to go near and feel its presence. Feel the wind on my face, want to see my sky with my own two eyes.

At this stage of my life I finally got my miracle. And like always I will have to love it from far far away. Because I know my place, a flower on the grass can never actually touch the sky. Can never open up her mouth and say that I want to get lost on that big blue sky for ever and ever.. পড়তে থাকুন Miracle on my darkest days