Dilemma of life

What you do when life brings you at the same situation after 16 years , obviously with a different person. Do you follow your heart or just do what you always do.Always thinking what’s best for your loved ones! It’s not fair just not fair , why you are at the same situation after a decade! 

What is it Allah(stw) wants you to learn from this! He knows me better then anyone. I will sacrifice it all, if it is best for my loved ones. Never thinking twice. But the problem is, it didn’t bring any good after I took that decision , it brought only myseries for the last decade. How can I be sure this time it will not have the same impact in life ! Do I have what it takes to go through this all over again ! Is my heart strong enough to bear this horrible sharpening pain I felt when I had to took that decision at the age if 16!

After that horrifying experience being married to a shychopath for 15 years, my punishment wasn’t enough! I agree I took the wrong decision but my Allah(stw) knows my intention was for only the best for my loved ones. I paid my fees for that mistake. Why do I end up on that exact same position again ! That’s just not fair , what I suppose to do now in my 30s!

They say you suppose to learn from your mistakes, so you never make the same mistakes again . But when it’s best for your loved ones, I know I will make the same mistake over and over again .. 

Please Allah(stw) help me, show me the right path, because you know me . I will go to that self distract mode if I have to , if it’s best for my loved ones..

2 thoughts on “Dilemma of life

  1. Good thinking. Ok fine, let me tell you something.. This is your life. In the situation you are going through is very critical for sure. It happens, you can feel it because, you are alive. We are human beings. Our mind always searches for the happiness we felt earlier. We become nostalgic for the best moments we have passed. You are still young at the age of sweet 16! inner side of your mind. Your subconscious mind wants you to be stucked there, happy life, happy you. It fears to recall the horrible things you’ve experienced. In real life, it is more complicated to feel than to explain. But, there is always a tiny little hope, that keeps us alive. In the case of Love, you know what? It always means to sacrifice for the loved ones. Because, everything is fake on this Earth, even your body, except your soul and your love for the loved ones. I think, you should give your life a second chance in the name of GOD (Generator, Operator & Destroyer). You should keep moving to be lively. Who knows, it might be the best path for you and your loved one’s. All the five of your fingers aren’t the same. As the Light is valueless without the darkness, so the Good is without the Evil. At least you should try, for the better life. And then if it doesn’t work, except it quite happily. Because,none other than ALLAH has written your fate and chosen your way to be so… Surely ALLAH knows and will do what is the best for you. Keep calm, be patient, try your best and keep your heartiest faith on ALLAH and loose some weight to be happy… Lol!!! Best of luck!

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